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Green Hills Library

The Archives Committee curates a valuable collection of books that have been handed down over the years.  Most of these books are available for our membership to borrow.  

Below is the list of books available for borrowing by Green Hills members.  We will be publishing the procedures for borrowing and returning books shortly.  Stay tuned.
Title Author
A Natural Way to Golf Power Rankin Aronstein 
A Wicked Slice Charlotte & Aaron Elkins
A Woman's Golf Game  
Adventures in Golf Herold
All weather Golf Wes Ellis Jr. with George Sullivan
Bad Golf my Way Leslie Nielsen & Henry Beard
Book for Senior Golfers Paul Runyan
California Golf Shaun Kobre
Confessions of a Golf Duffer Gladstone
Creating Classics: the golf courses of Harry Colt Peter Pugh & Henry Lord
Decorative golf Collectibles  
Drive for the Green Anthony Tuttle
Eighteen Holes in my Head Milton Gross
Elegy for a Golf Pro Westrum
Enjoy your Golf Gustavson
Extraordinary Golf The Art of the Possible Fred Shoemaker with Pete Shoemaker
Fifty Greatest Golfers Kingswood
Getting Back to Basics Tom Watson with Nick Seitz
Golf Patty Berg
Golf after Forty H.A.Hattstrom
Golf by John Jacobs John Jacobs
Golf for Women Kathy Whitworth
Golf for Women Beverly Lewis
Golf Galore Keith Marshall
Golf Legends Angus G.Barber III
Golf Power in Motion Robert McGurn & S.A. williams
Golf: New Horizons Gene Sarazen & McLean
Golf: The Golden Years Sarah Baddiel
Golf…is it only a game? Bruce Forsyth
Golfing Art edited by Phil Pilley
Golfing Curios  
Golfing Ephemera Sarah Baddiel
Greg Norman 's Instant Lessons Greg Norman with George Peper
How to Give Up Golf Joe James
How to play consistent golf Tom Kite with Larry Dennis
How to Play Trouble Shots Paul Hahn
Illustrated History of Golf Mitchell Platts
Kill It Before It Moves Joe James
Let 'Er RIP! Dickinson
Life with Par Morie Morrisom
Little Red Book Harvey Penick with Bud Shrake
Making the Turn Frank Beard with John Garrity
My 55 Ways to Lower your Golf Score Jack Nicklaus
My Usual Game David Owen
On the Tour with Harry Sprague Herbert Warren Wind
On the tour with Harry Sprague Herbert Warren Wind
Pebble Beach Golf Links Neil Hotelling
Planning the golf Clubhouse Harold J.Cliffere, A.I.A
Power Golf Ben Hogan
Pro-Am murders Patrick Cake
Quiet on the Tee Joe James
Shark Attack! Greg Norman with George Peper
Short Cuts to Better golf Johnny Revoltas
Snoopy's Grand Slam Charles.M. Schultz
Stop that Slice! Dante & Elliott
Take A Tip From Me Jack Nicklaus
The Art of golf 1754-1940 Gary Schwartz
The Bathroom Golf Book Red Letter Press
The Book of Golf Disasters Peter Dobereiner
The Champions Guide to Golf George Sullivan
The Complete Beginners Guide to Golf Bill McCormick
The Complete golfer Nancy Lopez
The Complete Golfer  
The Golf Explorer Hal Gevertz
The Greatest Game of All Jack Nicklaus
The Greatest Masters Stephen Goodwin
The Guts to Win Jane Blalock
The Mackenzie Reader Alister Mackenzie
The Masters Tom Flaherty
The Masters of Golf Aultman & Bowden
The Mystery of Golf Arnold Haultain
The New Golf for Women  
The New Rules of golf Tom Watson with Frank Hannigan
The Nine Bad Shots of Golf Jim Dante & Loe Diegel
The Official Exceptions to the Rules of Golf Henry Beard
The right way to become a golfer John Board
the Spirit of St. Andrew's Limited Edition Alister Mackenzie
The Story of American Golf  Herbert Warren Wind
The Ten Million Dollar Golf Ball Albert E.Killeen
The Valley Club of Montecito 1928-1998  
The World of Golf Collectibles Sarah Fabian Baddici
Unplayable Lies Fred Corcoran with Bud Harvey
Winning Golf Byron Nelson