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Club History

The Archive Committee has preserved past articles that capture glimpses into the culture of our membership.  

Click here to see interviews with Past Presidents.

Click here to see writeups and photos of past events.

In addition, there are archives of member profiles.  Green Hills has always encouraged its members to get well acquainted with each other.  Years ago, Chips and Chatter (the Green Hills Club Newsletter), would include writeups of different members.  The name of the member would be revealed at the end of the profile thereby challenging readers to correctly guess the name of the member based purely on the writeup.  The Archive Committee has preserved these member profiles (with the name revealed up front) below.  There are quite a few active members who were profiled in Chips and Chatter in these past writeups.  For example, we have one active member who was a professional scout for Major League Baseball and another who ran the Foreign Exchange desk at UBS.  If you want to find out who they were, read the writeups below!

Who Am I Collection 1
Who Am I Collection 2     
Who Am I Collection 3 
Who Am I Collection 4
Who Am I Collection 5